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Adobe introduced code-free app to create AR experiences

Adobe Aero

Adobe unveiled Adobe Aero, a tool that is part of Creative Cloud. The application allows users to create AR experiences without coding skills.

According to the announcement post, the app gives a new ‘canvas’ to create AR, from a free mobile app (for Apple rather than Android currently).

The following features are available:

  • Coding: None required as users follow steps.
  • Objects: Users can place items in the world alongside triggers for effects to occur upon interaction.
  • Assets: Adobe will offer its assets for creatives to use with their projects.
  • Sharing: Experiences can be shared on social media or in the app.

Analysis of Adobe Aero

On the face of it, this is a massive news announcement. Adobe has given its users a way to make AR experiences without needing to know how to code. Much like how Photoshop enables creatives to create powerful and compelling pieces with easy-to-use tools, Adobe is using the same philosophy for AR production.

The strength of Adobe Aero is based on its tools. If sophisticated enough, it could let people create compelling works. But the benefit of coding is that it gives users absolute freedom on what they can do. If Adobe has too small parameters, or simplistic tools, it would be difficult for professionals to use.

The app will likely evolve with time, as more and more users head to the platform. We will see whether it is successful over the next few weeks, as creatives get their hands on the product.