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Vatom announces its partnership, as metaverse hype continues

VR/AR and metaverse analysis every Wednesday and Sunday // 15 June 2022 

I’ll be giving a keynote at a law conference in London later this month; have a peek if you are interested. Otherwise, I feel like I am absolutely flying through the week, clinging on for dear life. Since when did mid-June become so hectic? 

Accenture, AR and the Arts

EXCLUSIVE: Vatom announced its partnership with entertainment events brand elrow.

  • “We love the idea of offering personalized experiences and awards to our most special fans of our shows through leveraging innovative technology such as Vatom’s,” said Juan Arnau Jr., CEO and founder of elrow.
  • Vatom is also expanding into Europe. Vatom Europe will operate out of Barcelona, and Vincenc Marti – current elrow president and board member – will take on the new role of Managing Director for Vatom Europe, overseeing all European operations. 
  • As part of the partnership, Vatom’s web3 platform technology will be integrated into elrow’s vast event slate across Europe and the USA.

Accenture found that over two-thirds of UK businesses believe that the metaverse will have a major impact on their organisation.

  • The report makes clear that there is excitement, and confusion. Nearly one in five U.K. business leaders anticipate that the metaverse will have a ‘transformational impact’ on their organisation.
  • Yet 71% of British consumers report that, at best, they have heard of the metaverse, but don’t know much about it.
  • A knowledge gap exists between the hype and practical applications. The people in the middle need to remain dynamic to bridge it. 

EXCLUSIVE: Intravene is an adventure in immersive storytelling set in the epicentre of the overdose crisis in Canada. Bookings go live at 6pm UK time /10am PT.

  • The story immerses the listener into multiple scenarios that aim to educate and bring awareness to the many complexities of the overdose crisis. 
  • Intravene is a collaboration between Crackdown, a monthly podcast covering the drug war through the eyes of drug user activists; DARKFIELD, the creators of 360-degree immersive audio experiences; and documentary filmmaker Brenda Longfellow.  

Snap and MAGNA came together to analyse the effectiveness of AR-based ads. 

  • The results shouldn’t surprise readers. Consumers found AR ads to be 5% more informative and 6% more useful than traditional advertising forms.
  • Additionally, AR ads also made them feel 30% closer to the brand, and 10% more excitement. 
  • We should be careful that Snap, a camera company, is talking about how amazing camera-based advertising can be. It’s like Burger King making a survey that shows people like burgers. But all the same, multiple studies corroborate on the effectiveness of AR. 

What do you think of AR in advertising, and what are the bigger challenges people will face? Join the discussion and meet like-minded professionals on the Immersive Wire discord. 

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Health and socialising

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  • ABI Research predicts that revenue in systems integration (and platform & licensing) for AR will reach over $50bn by 2027
  • Arvizio announced their AR Instructor solution for guided instruction is now available for iPad, iPhone and Android.
  • King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is piloting the use of VR to deliver diversity and inclusion training to frontline mental health staff.
  • Meta will roll out social hangouts in the Quest 2 this week
    • Also, Meta rolled out parential controls for VR headsets
  • Meta Festival will be a 24-hour festival exploring how brands can build loyalty and engagement in the metaverse. 
  • OVR launched the third iteration of its wellness platform, INHALE 3.
  • PixelMax built a unique virtual world for Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, to help reassure young patients before visiting the radiology department.
  • Sony Pictures Virtual Reality (SPVR), in association with Ghost Corps, is announcing Ghostbusters VR Academy.
  • UploadVR did their showcase, and made a variety of great announcements
    • Gambit in particular looks amazing. 

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