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3D print AR prescription lenses with Luxexcel’s new platform

3D print AR prescription lenses with Luxexcel's new platform

Exclusive: Luxexcel launched a new manufacturing platform called Luxexcel VisionPlatform 7, and it makes it possible for companies to bring prescription lenses into the creation of smartglasses, by letting them 3D print the lenses.

If it works as advertised, then this is a big boon for tech companies. A manufacturing process that can create and send prescription lenses means it can service people who need the glasses. People like me, where I am as blind as a bat. 

According to the official release, VisionPlatform 7 is a platform that ‘integrates objects such as waveguides, holographic optical elements, and liquid crystal foils during the 3D printing process.’

A lot of people would benefit as most need prescription lenses, as the CEO points out. ‘To compete in the race to launch consumer-ready smartglasses, eyewear manufacturers need to address prescription in their smartglasses devices,’ said Fabio Esposito, Chief Executive Officer at Luxexcel. ‘More than 75% of the adult world population today requires prescription lenses. Luxexcel provides a disruptive solution where smart technology is seamlessly combined with a prescription lens, rather than adding prescription power to the smart device as an afterthought.’

If it works, it sets up another part of the AR glasses world. It’s another part of the landscape where companies need a quick and easy way to shoot lenses to consumers, and Luxexcel is providing the platform that makes it easier to execute. I am curious to see how effective it is, and whether it can work on a massive scale. If it does, then that’s one part of the supply chain done and dusted.